Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Good Bye, Motherland" by Andrei Liankevich

I was working on the project about  attitude to the WWII in Belarus. The reason why is that fact, that Belarus in 90th's politically choose to have USSR culture and history  as new country system of values. Belarus has one ideology- War ideology. More than that, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko "changed the history" to start new country point from the moment USSR won WWII. Belarus Independence day is the day  when the capital was freed from Nazi invasion. Main streets in the  capital are named to the honor of War heroes, which is around 30% of all streets names. Last research shows, that people can hardly remember who was the person the street is named.
Every year Belarus has war parade. The main , and the only museums we have in every Belarus town are War museums. Everything in Belarus starts and ends in the point: "We won the war. We are Heroes." 
I have the feeling that now is the right moment to start public discussion about "real" war had happened in Belarus.  Veterans passes away and we already have got the distance to the war facts "produced by USSR historians" without "Brave Great Heroes" and "History based on books and movies".

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