Monday, March 19, 2012

Rafal Milach / The Winners

The beginning of my work in Belarus was a true experience. A celebrity experience. Before I took the first picture I turned to be in local news, papers and TV. The first town I went to was Slonim with its famous modeling school Vita -style run by local celebrity Vitaly Zhilinsky. Check the video out if you want to get to know more about what I was working on in Belarus :) The funny thing is that such side effect really suits my project. See you in next post.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Andrei Liankevich worked on the WAR project :)

Be honest, with this project i tried to answer the question "Whom I am?". I mean, where is my heart, blood nationality ... Blood is more Polish than Belarussian or Russian, but heart is in Grodno with my parents place, grandparents village, family cemetery ... Why throughout the war ? My family is the answer.  We did not loose relatives at war. It looks really strange when 25-30% Belarus people were killed during WWII.  But it make cleare why i war was only book history for me.
Blazej , grandfather, did not join USSR troops. My father told me "they did not trust us"( Polish people from West Belarus). From other side,   grand grand father Ivan was sent to Siberia, as "Public enamy"- he was orthodox church priest. So my mother's famiy lost everything before the war. So, war hand did not tough us a lot .
  PS: Presentation of "Good Bye, Motherland" project in Minsk in unique day - 29.02.12 :)
During 1 year research by Belarus art community i was selected together with 15 artists, who made "especially important projects in 2000-2011 years." That is why the project was shown in ex-TV factory building.
photos by Uliya Kochanova